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Paul Hurley (@paulhurleystudio) is a UK-based artist; trained in London and Singapore.


Informed by the cinematic, Paul’s practice adopts a variety of traditional and new media processes, which include: installation, print, sound and video to explore sometimes imposing themes, relating to that which shapes the collective consciousness.


He is interested in phenomena that assemble and frame information to construct and influence belief systems in modern-day society. Specific areas of interest include corporate media, mythological archetypes, digital identity, and mass surveillance.

Continuum is an exploration of the plethora of mythologies which shape our histories, futures, perceptions and behaviours.


This installation displays refined archetypal symbolism within an immersive gallery environment reflective of the ubiquitous and all consuming myths which define daily life. The paradoxically objective and subjective nature of mythological narratives and symbols is present within the space for the observer to experience, interpret and contemplate.

Continuum 01 (white)_edited_edited.png
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