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Chong Yew Mun

Chong Yew Mun is obsessed with the power of visual language. He believes in its potential to profoundly influence human perception and that its symbolism and emotional energy can create mind-expanding experiences for the viewer.

Born in Singapore, he began his love affair with beautiful images at film school in 1998. And following a highly successful decade in commercial photography he expanded his education, completing a MA in Fine Art at Lasalle (Goldsmiths University of London) in 2020.

He’s very aware of his responsibilities as a visual artist, and he exists in a state of analysis, transition, experimentation and self-reflection, that is both separate from and parallel to his commercial practice. He believes that the primary purpose of the visual arts is to draw people into an experience of the new and the unfamiliar by opening their minds to alternative ways of seeing and thinking.

Experimenting with moving images, photography and sound, his work is often introspective by nature as it references his personal life; which involves themes of intimacy and absence between bodies, as well as the complexities of solitude and long-distance relationships.

"Sometimes we are not able to see ourselves for who we really are, because we get stuck in our ways, or we may become disillusioned. The impact of visual art often materialises in the subconscious; the audience consumes the work which provokes an innate response, intrinsically resonating within the artist." - Chong Yew Mun

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