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CYTTDBM&CR?: Can you tell the difference between Milo and Coffee rings?

17 July — 7 August 2021

Maybe; if the Milo was really diluted, like the way my mum used to make it in the mornings before school, and I had to wait till the last minute to chug it so it would be cool enough. I’m not sure if it’d be easier or harder to differentiate if it was a latte, like the kind I would have with my friend after classes at school. But if it was like the 3 cups of black kopi o kosong that my grandpa would have everyday while he peered at his newspaper through the glasses on the bridge of his nose, I think I would know. I think I could tell the difference. 

6 artists contend with what it means to be intimate, with oneself, with each other, and the world around them. Whether through the quickest of glances or intensive introspection, those moments of connection lie waiting to be discovered, and more than that, appreciated. 

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