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Presenting recent works by

Anthony Chin & Green Zeng

Curated by Berny Tan

19 June –10 July 2021

Wednesday – Saturdays

2 – 8 pm

or by appointment

To recast is to give a different physical form to an existing object or material. It is sculptural—the melting down and reshaping of a sword’s blade; the freezing of water into ice in a specific shape. To recast is also to allocate a role, such as in a film, to a different actor. It is filmic—words and actions, already determined, spoken and done by a person in another time, another frame. To do either, then, can also relate to another use of the word ‘cast’—to cast an object, a situation, a history in a different light. The retelling of a story, in order to see something anew.


Recast presents recent works by Anthony Chin and Green Zeng, two artists who interrogate historiographies of Singapore and the region through their multidisciplinary practices. Their second collaborative exhibition, Recast focuses on little-known local and regional histories through the mediums of sculptural installation and video, revealing otherwise unacknowledged structures of power in the colonial and post-colonial eras.

Exhibition Images

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