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Chan Davies Art Prize 2021: syn-


Artists: Danial Shafiq Bin Mohd Fauzi

Victoria Hertel


Curated by Jeremy Sharma


Assisted by: Vanessa Mynt and Sarishna Nair


Bridging the mechanical with the organic, the activated with the inert, and systems with chance, syn- presents the prize-winning works for academic excellence in research and practice of LASALLE Alumni Danial Shafiq (BA) and Victoria Hertel (MA). Both artists explore new materialities through a shared interest in the vitality of objects encountered in space. Victoria has been invested in the de- and refamiliarization of materials as functions of disruption to our routinized perception of objects, addressing ideas of unsettlement as perspective shifting happenstance. Danial delves into the interaction between humans and objects by studying their form and function, and displacing technology as a means for improvisation and accentuation of the inconspicuous in this network. Together, their works respond to the site and architecture of the gallery in ways that are both sensorial and interconnected. 


An initiative by Angie Chan and Nick Davies, the Chan-Davies Art Prize was launched exclusively for all final year students of LASALLE’s BA(Hons) Fine Arts Programme. In 2016, the prize expanded to include MA Fine Arts students. The prize aims to encourage artists in their early career with financial support and exposure.

Image on left by Jonathan Tan.

Click icons below to access catalogues. Catalogue (2 versions) design by Victoria Tan. 



Room sheet: Designed by Calista Siow.

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