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At Dusk We Tread the Earth Design File-02-1.jpg

At Dusk, We Tread the Earth


Artists: Carmen Ceniga Prado, Arabelle Zhuang


Curated by Tian Lim


Assisted by: Sarishna Nair


Inspired by the Sanskrit word “godhūli”, which refers to the beautiful illumination of dust particles sweeping into the air as grazing cows return home at sunset, At Dusk, We Tread the Earth denotes an imagery of vastness and stillness, where earth and sky meet at the horizon. As twilight gradually disappears into the night and a new dawn unfolds the next morning, so do our states of mind as we journey through life. Mirroring the cyclical nature of life and all things around us, the exhibition seeks to enkindle the innate desire and need within our inner self to touch, feel, and experience what lies beneath our feet and beyond. What does it mean to see the world with our hands, and hear the ground with our feet?


Through the works of Arabelle Zhuang and Carmen Ceniga Prado, comprising wood sculptures, paintings, woven textiles and AI-generated moving images, we enter varying landscapes of discovery and exploration. From aboveground to the earth’s womb, from the visible realm to unknown possibilities, from moments of contemplation to powerful bursts of energy, we are pulled into a deeper state of consciousness. At the end of it all, At Dusk, We Tread the Earth is a homecoming—a returning to nature, and to the ground where we came from and tread on.

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